The associations that can take advantage of a fairly wide range of financing solutions are those that generally operate on a non-profit basis, be they sports, or in the form of cultural associations, and especially in the case where a major role is given to projects intended entirely or that intend to focus on young people.

The associations can access both the forms of funding through the collection of funds and the access to private, state or community credit.

“Private” loans with access to credit

"Private" loans with access to credit

In this case, it is enough to turn to the banks that offer solutions designed specifically for associations, cooperatives, etc. (generally even if only the indication of funding for cooperatives is specified, the banks also extend them to associations).

You can still have two situations: banks affiliated with the organization to which the association is linked, or non-affiliated banks (these are generally very large banks with a more national and territorial character). The conditions applied are almost equivalent.

State funding for associations

State funding for associations

In this case we must look more at the level of local administrations (municipal and provincial, hardly even regional). Access to finance also requires participation in calls for projects.

In larger municipalities, there is often the possibility of accessing revolving loans, designed to help in the temporary need for illiquidity, and which have easier access but also a relatively short duration.

Always through a tender, European subsidized loans can be accessed, especially when it comes to youth projects.

Lately, associations have been favored above all to encourage the support and dissemination of culture rather than sports, even if, in any case, the requirements are always indicated in the calls to which one must participate. The funds can be distributed directly (directly by the European community) or indirectly (through the own Region, for which it is necessary to keep constantly updated).

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