Because looking at the disposition usually does not bode well. Often this is already exhausted and eagerly waits for it to be balanced.

Others hope to finance the new vehicle with the help of the MRP. Both options would be possible, but they have their own peculiarities.

Car loan with overdraft facility is not a problem as long as the personal credit rating is correct. The credit request must be in line with the amount of income and payment obligations. Start comparing your loan application with no obligation . The stored software works “smart”.

After submitting the application, the comparison only shows the offers that actually match your requirements.

Overdrawn account – broken car

Overdrawn account - broken car

Who does not know that. If something goes wrong, it should be right. The account is overdrawn and the mobile base gives up its spirit. Financial reserves are not within reach, so funding needs to be considered. But those who have already used up their overdraft facility should be careful when taking out a loan. This quickly leads to a debt trap from which it is almost impossible to escape.

With a car loan with overdraft facility you should therefore plan carefully. In the best case, the loan is not only taken out to finance the vehicle, but also to compensate for the disposition.

This would be possible if a classic installment loan is selected for the car loan with overdraft facility, for which it is not necessary to specify a purpose. At best, however, the loan is not taken out from the bank that oversees the overdraft facility. The application for a car loan with overdraft facility should be made to an independent bank so that a low interest rate can also be used if the credit rating is good.

Pay the car with the help of the dispos?

Pay the car with the help of the dispos?

If the aim is only to buy a used car, many consumers are considering whether they should not simply use their overdraft facility to pay the costs. It is available at all times and therefore offers easy access.

What many do not consider:

The overdraft facility brings with it very high interest rates. It is not uncommon for these to be well over 10 percent. Anyone who is unable to compensate for the overdraft facility in the shortest possible time must spend a lot of additional money on the car loan with overdraft facility.

Because the interest is paid monthly.

The golden way?

The golden way?

An overdraft is not nice, but not the end of the world. Because with good financial management, a fixed income and manageable expenses, this can be compensated for relatively well. Therefore, nothing should stand in the way of a car loan with overdraft facility. It would be advisable to compensate the overdraft facility with the car loan with overdraft facility.

Suitable loan offers can be found in large numbers. If you compare them with the help of our comparison calculator, you will quickly find a good offer. The recording can be done easily over the Internet. In order to be able to find the right loan amount, the open liabilities at the overdraft facility, as well as when buying a car, should be known.

Many car dealers offer a cash payer discount if you do not take out a loan through the dealer. This should be asked in advance. The overdraft on the disposable, on the other hand, can easily be seen on the account statement.


If there are other outstanding liabilities, it is worth including them in the loan. This leaves only one creditor in the end with whom you can make a good repayment agreement.

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