Fast loans for those who are unemployed and have no job

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How many unemployed are there in Italy? The data is very variable, depending on the way in which the survey is conducted. If in fact for the Istat the total number is under three million, with a percentage of 11.3%, other sources say that in reality the figure is much higher. For example, according to some calculations formulated by the Di Vittorio Foundation, the true percentage would now stand at 23.8%, as within the survey we should also consider those who, being resigned now, no longer seek work and those who are underemployed, perhaps carrying out a few days of work a year moving him to the cauldron of the employed.

The reality is actually much more worrying than what the official data says and to make the picture even more worrying also contributes to the transformation underway for years in the world of work, with the ever increasing flexibility and the end of the permanent position in the private sector sanctioned by the approval of the Jobs Act, approved by the government led by Matteo Renzi amid great controversy.

The effects of unemployment on credit

The effects of unemployment on credit

Of course, the credit sector must also take into account a similar situation, considering that an army of unemployed people like the one described could eventually subtract a significant portion of potential users from the loan market.

It must in fact be considered that those who do not have a pay slip do not have the opportunity to present the guarantees which also constitute an unavoidable condition in order to draw up a repayment plan in the case of financing granted. Precisely for this reason, the operators of the sector have tried to create a basket of alternative products, able to meet the needs of the unemployed, without putting too much at risk for the safety of the sector, already put to a severe test by the non-performing loans, or those loans that have never been repaid by consumers entering a spiral of difficulties.

Fast loans for unemployed

Fast loans for unemployed

Among the possible solutions that unemployed people can draw upon in case of need, there is also a fast loan, or that particular formula based on the use of IT means to be able to start contact with the financial choice. It is sufficient to navigate to the site of the company to which you would like to request a loan and fill out a form, to start the procedure that should take place much faster than those that normally characterize the traditional loan in a branch.

Fast loans are increasingly popular with customers, especially the more dynamic and accustomed to the use of personal computers or mobile phone devices such as smartphones. To push them with great force on the market is above all the possibility of avoiding or at the most compressing the bureaucratic delays that are now seen as consumers’ cages.

Of course, even in the case of fast loans, the applicant must provide effective guarantees on his ability to repay the loan received, which for an unemployed person actually becomes more complicated, in the absence of a pay slip. However, there are some roads that can be practiced without any doubt, starting from proposing a property owned as a guarantee, on which a mortgage would be turned on.

The second way may instead be the presence of a guarantor, or a third person, usually a family member or friend, who would bear the burden of payment if the principal contractor was unable to honor one or more installments of the agreed plan. Naturally the guarantor must in turn be able to provide guarantees with his patrimonial or income capacity.

A third hypothesis can then be represented by the loan, in which the contractor will be called to sign bills of exchange that will replace the monthly installment. In this case too, the guarantee on the payment will be a real estate property or a movable property capable of covering the entire amount agreed for the loan. If the user fails to pay a bill of exchange, the financial could certainly rely on the guarantee in question.

As one can easily understand, therefore, the possibilities are there, but it must be considered that loans of this kind usually involve higher interest rates, precisely in consideration of the fact that the paying agencies want to protect themselves as much as possible.

Companies that grant fast loans to the unemployed

Companies that grant fast loans to the unemployed

Which companies grant loans to the unemployed? The first to mention is Astro Finance, the company that is part of Bankate and has long specialized in the proposal of consumer credit solutions that mix innovation and security. Among the solutions there are also some reserved to problematic figures such as the unemployed, housewives or young people who are still in the process of completing the training course. In this case, it is possible to listen precisely by presenting patrimonial guarantees able to satisfy the request of the lender, with a procedure that provides the first online contact and is extremely reduced compared to the times that are typical of traditional loans.

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